rw08cupsThis  is a soul journey card, similar to the Hermit where there is a journey with a staff for support. The man has turned his back on the cups, he is confused and needs time to think. The moon/sun lights his way and watches rather than guides. Perhaps he doesn’t want to hear? There may have been a betrayal and he needs to consider the options.

It is a card of indecision, where he is unsure what he thinks, what is right, or what to do next. This card appears when difficult choices need to be made. Sometimes it is a leap of faith that is needed, but the man must choose. Although it is a melancholy card, it is one that is strong, as the querent must face truths they may have been avoiding. Perhaps a divorce, a job separating the family, or a need for a break. He leaves behind security, but there is hope still, and it’s not too late to fix things. The space for another cup indicates hope, perhaps time to consider all the options alone rather than be pressured would result in a better outcome.

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