rw08swordsThis card represents the mental and emotional state of the querent, or the person in question. it depicts a red robed woman blindfolded and bound, surrounded by the swords. She feels trapped, the red robes indicates she may have been responsible for her situation. There is no one to blame, so the message is to take responsibility for what has happened. Even though she is bound, she can walk away, but she feels she can’t as she is standing in a muddy ditch.

This card may be drawn when people want to use a scapegoat, so is a moral card too. The woman could walk away, no one is stopping her, too many people do have ‘poor me’ syndrome, or they have gotten in so deep they can’t see a way out. The landscape is symbolic of how she feels, dark and empty. Maybe people have worn her down and she has lost her self-esteem, lost faith and hope? This can be seen as a card to encourage someone to free themselves, especially if they have been bullied or abused. It can be a message to be courageous and to face your demons and fears. Even when things seem hopeless. there is a way out if you wish to see it. Sometimes the only person who can help is yourself.

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