The Suit of Pentacles

Corresponds to the Suit of Diamonds.

Pentacles or coins symbolize the power of wealth and how it can affect your path. Visually it represents financial wealth, but also symbolizes a spiritual wealth where the heart is challenged to confront their conscience and be rich with their heart and to be altruistic.

Pentacles indicate financial matters need to be addressed, but also requires a balance to allow the soul to grow. It can also relate to the home and work, depending on what other cards are in spread. Generally this is a good Suit, except for the 5 of Pentacles, which can indicate financial burdens.

The Suit of Cups

Corresponds to Suit of Hearts.

The cup (goblet) cards represent abundance, opportunities of prosperity and choices, whether they be financial or emotional. The cards are aligned with our emotions and are linked to affairs of the heart. Cup cards are associated with happiness, celebrations and good fortune. It can represent financial wealth, but also inner happiness where you can be happy and content in your relationships. An abundance of cup cards shows your heart is helping you to make decisions and what is important in your life at present. Emotional well-being is as important as the physical health, and an abundance of cards indicates it is an area you need to address.

A balance of the heart and head is always wise, and the cards cautions you to stand back and look at what direction your heart guides you in. Use your intuition and don’t let emotions control you, but let them guide you.

The Suit of Swords

Corresponds to the Suit of Spades.

Swords represent conflict and confrontation; arguments, disputes, and betrayals come to a head. Each card has its own strength and weakness to be read in conjunction with other cards. Swords bring forward changes, some may not be welcome, but maybe necessary. You may need to change how you perceive things and adjust your thinking to see through the changes successfully. Others will challenge you and create obstacles and sword cards warn you, but also give you the strength to stand up for what is right.

Image the sword cutting through the problems and literally cutting through to the chase. Things will happen sharply and suddenly and all will be revealed so be prepared to take action to defend yourself.

The cards bring forward inner conflict, forcing you to face your demons, frustrations, pain and anger. It is a necessary step to progress on your journey.

Do not fear the cards, know they will show you what has been hidden from you or what you have hidden from yourself. One day you will have to face things and sword cards accelerate that process.

The Suit of Wands

Corresponds to the Suit of Clubs.

Wands (or rods/batons) are symbols of stability and growth, in the workplace, career, and also where you choose to live. They represent the start of foundations whether it be home, career or a relationship. Often the cards appear during a transition period, supporting the changes, encouraging new ventures giving you the courage to do what you have always wanted to do but had hesitated to follow through on. Perhaps you want to change your career, or move for work, maybe become self-employed? Maybe you need to move to get a better job or promotion?

On each wand there are leaves of growth indicating fresh and new ideas, by the nature of the wands, these are not risky ventures but will help with your inner growth. Progress may be slow but sure and asks you to be patient as a comfortable and stable phase approaches.

Significance of the Aces

Aces may be part of the minor arcana, but these are strong cards by themselves. They correspond to the Fool, indicating a fresh start and a new beginning. In some ways, a second chance for some. Any aces in a reading are Alpha Omega, full circle cards that give you the courage to try something new. A reading with all four aces is a clear message of change in all areas of your life, the an ace that corresponds to your particular query.

Looking at each card,you can see the ‘Hand of the Divine’ blessing and the new start and also giving a literal helping hand and one to hold.

The Significance of the Court Cards

Court cards can be read in several ways; if there is a dominant feature of cards in a suit, then the message will be related to that suit, for example a Wand dominated one would be about work or the home. They can also be read according to the number of the same cards in a spread; an abundance of Page cards would mean communications and messages are forthcoming and important.

Another significance is how they relate to the major arcana; Kings are versions of the Emperor, Queens, the Empress, Knights, the Chariot (protector and a victor), and Pages relate to the Wheel of Fortune as they send messages, which could be good or bad news.