A card that lookrwdeaths fearful, yet is a Fate card, one of change. Events that will be out of your control will alter; where you live, work or how you think. Suddenly things will be revealed and things will be seen, as they should be and will happen quickly. Maybe secrets will be revealed, a truth that has been hidden, a betrayal may alter how you see things and whom you want to trust. You cannot prepare for what is about to happen, so embrace this as a fresh start, a time to clear the air and to begin a new chapter.

The past will become irrelevant and a new start will be imminent whether you are ready or not, so the card prepares you. The transition will be swift and what come to an end is cyclical, see things as a rebirth a second chance. Sometimes this card appears in relationships that were dying, where you are in a career that is stagnant, a domestic environment where you are suffocated or when your life is at a crossroads, but you fear change.

The card pushes you to change for the better, as it cannot be any worse than things already are. It indicates change is essential to continue living hence you are already ‘dead’ as you are not really living but existing. If you ignore things and do not make a change, then the change will happen regardless, but the card gives you advance warning to prepare you mentally and be ready for a new way of looking at things.

Also it can indicate fighting a losing battle–it was not yours to fight and advises you to let go. People may get attached to relationships, places and jobs and don’t want to change out of fear. This may be blocking their path and the Death card is Fate intervening and taking charge.

The card shows the grim reaper having no mercy to those around and the white horse is symbolic of innocence, while the rider holds a flag with a white rose to show victory. In the background the sun is setting, indicating the end of a phase and the priest praying and asking for mercy. When this card shows up, it serves the best interests of the sitter and the events may be harsh and ruthless, but necessary. Don’t fight Fate, because it’s power is stronger. Accept that change must happen, fighting it will make things harder.

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