rwjudgementThis is one of my favorite cards, I see it as a full circle card that you have realized and learned much already, and that you can use that knowledge not only for yourself but to help and guide others.

It’s like a Day of Judgment, people who have wronged you will pay their penance in their own ways, know that you had to let things go to be the bigger person, but karma will take care of the rest.

In the past it shows that you are aware of what has happened and become wiser with the experiences you have endured. Rest assured being moral was worth, it and resisting temptation to follow the crowd has greater rewards.

The present is a time of reviewing your actions and questioning whether you did them for the right or selfish reasons. Only you can judge yourself. It cautions that you are aware of what you do and the consequences and that you accept them, whether they are good or bad.

The future indicates that the time has come where everything will be accounted for. Quite possibly it comes after a period of intense activity where many things were out of your control and you had to the best in the given situation. Know as long as you acted with the best of intentions they will count towards the final reckoning. Even positive intents without decisive action contribute to the outcome. It maybe the conclusion of a project, the end of a relationship, a home move, end of a job or career or a teenager becoming an adult.

In conjunction with other full circle cards (Death, Wheel of Fortune, The World and The Fool) know that one chapter has to end for a new one to begin. The card reminds us of our moral obligations to others and ourselves.

It is also an angel card, nothing can be hidden, everything will be revealed and seen as it really is. The card symbolizes relief, nothing has to be hidden any longer and indicates a peaceful conclusion and a new beginning with wisdom gained. The card depicts those rising from their graves; nothing is forgotten. For some it maybe a warning or reminder to act with integrity, or for those who question whether karma will enact justice, that patience is required and to stop any negativity attached.

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