rwjusticeA card of balance, where if you have been wronged trust that things will get rebalanced, so do not seek revenge and trust in Karma. This is a card of strength, in the future know that you maybe be misled but justice will find its way to you. Trust that it will happen and do not fall folly or be tempted to avert circumstances in a dishonorable manner, retain your integrity and all will fall into place.

In the present it indicates a fair outcome, not necessarily in your favor but what is right and asks you to accept the result.

If you have behaved dishonorably or have dishonest thoughts, it cautions you to change your actions and warns justice will be done.

This is also a decision card; the sword represents the power and the scales remind you to choose what is fair and right. Accept responsibility for your actions and know that you cannot change your mind or blame anyone for the outcome.

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