The Minor Arcana should never be dismissed as inferior; each Suit has its own message and depending on what is asked could be more relevant than a spread with major arcana.

Suit of Wandsrepresents work and the home environment.

Suit of Cupsrelates to relationships, love, family and friends.

Suit of Pentaclesdeals with finances, wealth and work.

Suit of Swordslooks at the inner self, morals, emotions and reactions.

A reading with an abundance of a Suit can send an affirmative message, and cup cards, along with the Lovers would reinforce relationship queries.

Most decks begin with an ace through to ten, followed by a Page, Knight, Queen and a King. The power is not necessarily in the rank of the card, but in relation to the other cards and what has been queried.

Take note of an abundance of Court Cards as they have significant meanings, especially if they are from the same suit, or you have an abundance of of a particular Court Card. In a three card spread to have all Kings or Queens relays an important message.

Aces are welcome and highly prized cards in a normal pack of playing cards, and in the tarot pack they are as valuable. They are powerful cards and wherever they are in a spread should be considered when interpreting the tarot.

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