rwstrengthA power card  and an excellent one to get in any spread to reinforce other cards. Think of it as an extra hand to hold in times of need, and appears when you need it, giving you the confidence to succeed.

In the past it affirms you were given help in a difficult situation and that you did need it, so don’t feel guilty about receiving help. If the card is in the present situation, it indicates that a situation might arise where you need a boost and help will be available. Strength in the future,  presents itself as a beacon of hope, and read in conjunction with the rest of the spread. It helps counteract other cards, especially sword cards (which are usually challenging), The Tower, Death or The Devil.

Do not fear what is in front of you, you are being protected, even when the odds seem against you, the card asks you to persevere and not give up. Success is possible, you need to show the strength you have been given and believe in it. The figures has a leminscate above her head, indicating eternal strength, which is also the symbol for the figure 8. She is at one with nature, draped in flowers from the crown and the body. The lion looks up to her and trusts her, she has control and it is a nurturing and soothing power of protection. The main message is to trust and have faith, as there will always be someone who can help you, it may not be the help you desire, but is what you need.




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