rwtemperanceA beautiful card of tranquility and peace, which represents a balance and equilibrium in your life. This is the angel card signifying a harmonious time. It appears after a period of upheaval signifying you have learned what you needed to and now its time to relax.

It signifies you may need some balance in your life, perhaps between work and home or your family and friends.

This is an angel card, the flow of water from the river and in the cups signifies fortune and things will become clear. There is light and hope wherever you look, as long as you look you will feel and see it. It can signify a time of peace or someone will come into your life who will inspire such a reaction.

The card is full of light in the background and surrounding the head. The white robes represent purity and the naked toes dipped in the river, indicate the power of nature and the white flowers symbolize growth. The mountains in the background represent eternal growth, and the triangle on the robes symbolize the Holy Trinty, who watch over and protect.

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