rwchariotThis soul journey card represents a challenging event or journey, symbolizing you will be the victor but not without effort and a battle. The outcome can open new doors and establish you in a different role that you are used to, so get ready for change. Usually it would mean a journey or relocation is involved and there might be stiff opposition to your aims and choices.

In the past, the card indicates that you have over come the obstacles and you should continue on the journey that you have begun. You have already come so far and the journey is not over just yet.

In the present it signifies an imminent change of location. You will have to work at, and challenge the circumstances by negotiating and making your stand. Be wary as the opposition doesn’t have your interests at heart. Prepare for the journey as it will present difficulties that you try to predict. You can succeed and must persevere even if you get knocked back, you will get back up and overcome all that attempts to stall you.

The future is an exciting place to see the card, if you have been waiting to get something resolved this is the card that will bring that around. Reading it with other cards especially The Tower, Death and Strength, know that your fight is necessary, and is preparing you for a stronger inner self.

The card shows you are shielded and prepared for a battle; maybe there will be some unfair play, but you have help. You have a weapon to help you, you may have to fight in unfamiliar territory and travel to a different location. From this you will arise wiser, it will be mentally and physically tiring but you will also find strengths and become stronger.

The star on the crown represents the correct path, hope, and victory and the awning is covered in stars, indicating the action and journey will be successful. The sphinxes symbolize the pillars of truth as depicted in the High Priestess; knowledge is the  key to victory. On his armor are the astrological signs, representing a Universal power and the winged emblem is significant of freedom and bravery.

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