rwdevilA scary looking card, but actually it is ourselves we are looking at; our fears, negative thoughts, greed, jealousy and temptations. When the card appears it signifies a warning that we are not acting in the best interests of the Self. Sometimes we get carried away with life we are not conscious of what we are doing so the Higher Self gives us a wake up call. It can also mean that someone is trying to deceive you and you are aware of it and you must choose to stand up to them or will you allow them to continue with the pattern of behavior by turning a blind eye to it?

In the past it means that you have faced your demons and are clearing your path, but also it cautions that we are all susceptible when distracted and the need to listen the Higher Self.

The present indicates challenges within the self and the need to examine your behaviors and decide what is morally right and what is more questionable. Only you can determine those boundaries. It is the shadow side when you look in the mirror.

The future indicates you have lost control and need to stop and take stock of what is happening not just yourself but the effect of your actions on others.

The card is a wake up call to the darker side of ourselves we prefer not to see, but we need to. Letting things build up just means it will take longer to purge. It can warn you that there is negativity in your current life and it maybe disguised ,so take caution and heed the warning to look carefully.

The chains can be interpreted as you feeling trapped into a course of action, heed the warnings and look beyond what you feel your ought to do. Do not give into coercion! You have choices, but recognize anger, betrayal and greed. It may also be a message to end a toxic relationship, job or leave a place that has negativity. This card appears when you’re in denial, or your morals maybe in question.

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