rwemperorThis is a power card that symbolizes stability and calmness where things are in order in the present. The future shows that a period of fortitude will come and foundations for stability can be built. It represents someone who has taken charge. At times this person can seem inflexible, but has good intentions and can be too focused on solutions and not consider the consequences in order to achieve the end result. In the past position it indicates a quiet and peaceful period with few upheavals. Perhaps freedoms were lacking but the environment was safe and secure and cautions the reader not to take it for granted and to appreciate it.

The present indicates a change of pace, either things were chaotic or unsettled and a move is necessary with some sort of order, so progress can be made. If you are the Emperor know that some of your actions will be frowned upon, but you need to look at the bigger picture and do what is essential to create firm foundations for the situation. It maybe a new home, family, relationship, or a new business. Explain why you act as you do, but there is not need to negotiate as you are in control.

The Emperor in the future shows that in time there will be peace and you can start to make plans. It indicates that the change is necessary even if unwanted and there maybe obstacles and objections. Trust that the period will allow control to be more efficient, and will reveal things that may have been missed in haste. Embrace the change of pace and remember you are in control.

Changes are happening for the better, it may not seem so at first but in hindsight you will see why it was important and why the Emperor was wise to take the action he did. It will not be apparent until much later; there were reasons why the Emperor could not explain his actions, so trust acts in the best interests of all. The outlook may not be flexible or open to negotiation, but with a view to the long-term; not so much risky, but what is sensible and reliable. In most decks the Emperor looks stern and is looking to his right. He doesn’t trust easily, but is cautious and may also be suspicious of those around him.

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