rwempressThe Empress is a regal card and indicates you are comfortable where you currently are and have achieved. You deserve what you have and are where you should be and  have control and power over what is happening. People will listen to you and you are in a position to direct things. The river in the background symbolizes the force of life, abundance and fortune if you remain down to earth and are aware and consider your surroundings and how your actions affect others.

It is a card of fertility and peace. The Empress is wise and can be a peacemaker or negotiator. You maybe called to intervene in a conflict because of your fair judgement. Use this experience to learn how to be fair and impartial.

In the background are elements of nature, the river indicates a powerful journey and the cornfield is symbolic of growth. It is also a fertility card and the heart at the base of the throne represents her power comes from love. There are twelve stars on her crown that represents her power over the twelve months of the year.

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