rwfoolThe Fool is a full circle card, the first of the pack indicating the start of a new phase, very much like a rebirth. It is a welcome card when you are looking to put things behind you and want a new start. In the past position it indicates you have started a new direction on your path and you are doing things out of your comfort zone, but know it was the right path for you to follow.

In the present it signifies that you are on a new journey and to take each step and learn from the experience. It encourages you to enjoy this period of learning; that it will prepare you for your next phase. Right now you are learning from innocence, observe and absorb everything around you as it will become useful later on and remember you cannot plan, so don’t get frustrated when plans don’t work out.

The future is an encouraging place to have the Fool, you are ending one phase and can look forward to a new beginning. Less dramatic than Death and more of a personal journey is how you will look at things. You will question things you had known before and everything will seem exciting and new. You don’t know where you are heading nor can you plan, but you will have support wherever you go. It asks you to let go of everything you once knew and regain the childlike innocence you once had, and encourages you to have that bravery like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time

The card depicts a happy go lucky fool, but the sun is behind him, showing him the light. The path he walks may be the edge of the cliff, but one must be brave and trust new paths will be built. The Fool carries a white rose; a symbol of innocence and the white dog encourages and supports rather than warns.

This is a journey that must be taken alone; there is no going back only forward. People generally find this card when they wish to quit their job or end a relationship; it indicates a fresh and new start it correct, even if there are no plans. Those will fall into place once you embark on the journey.

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