rwhangedmanA card that requires patience indicating change is in the air, but there are factors outside of your control affecting the outcome. It is as if you are suspended in time, biding your time. Meanwhile remain aware and be ready for action when it happens.

In the past position the message is you could not have done any more and not to get frustrated with yourself. Realize the natural course of events must take place and trust that things happen as they were intended.

In the present, it reaffirms that you are in undergoing a change that is not proceeding as fast as you would like. Look to the external factors affecting the situation and it will help you understand why things are happening as they are.

In the future, it warns that change will happen but you will have little control and advises you not to get frustrated or make other plans until events have transpired. Take one step at a time otherwise things will get unnecessarily complicated.

It is also a reminder to slow down and take stock of what you have learned. You may have rushed things or have not taken notice of what was obvious, accept you cannot force things.  On the card, the man is secured, so you are safe and a halo of light surrounds his head. As long as he trusts and has faith, he will be protected. This may be a situation that you have caused, accidentally or otherwise, or you are a helpless victim or bystander in an event. What others choose to do, or what happens to them will affect you, and this is a lesson in being patient with others, to serve your best interests. It’s not surrender, but accepting and learning and perhaps to compromise and negotiate fair terms.

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