rwhermitAlthough the card looks sad, it represents hope and a new journey and path, one of self-fulfillment. The lantern bearer carries the light of hope and it lights his way along the path. Sometimes the light may be faint and flicker, but it will always remain constant. It is time to be introspective and retrospective and look at what you have done, how you can use the lessons for where you want to go next and is a Soul journey, a time of solitude and deep thought. It is a journey that needs to be experienced and taken alone requiring bravery and faith. Time alone in solitude without distractions will clear the mind and allow you to focus on what is important.

In a reading it means you have achieved all you can; it’s time to do something that you have wanted to do deep down in your heart, something you have never shared with anyone. The card gives you faith and belief in your actions; the lesson is to learn to listen to yourself and trust yourself. The staff is metaphorical of supporting yourself through a transitional period. There will be times where you may stumble and fall, where the path is uneven. You have the tools for the journey, something to hold you up and to light the way, whichever way you decide.

You may have been distracted by the mundane and influenced by those around you and you now realize you need a new path and must break free and find your individuality. The path is unclear, but do not fear, trust your instincts. There will be obstacles and distractions that you must resist; look to the light for guidance and comfort. The card appears when you are ready to follow your path of destiny, to be what you were meant to be.

If The Star appears in a reading know that you will have extra guidance on your path, and that it is the correct path you are on. Strength will give you the courage when the future looks bleak and help you overcome the obstacles that you may encounter mentally or physically.

The card depicts an old man; a wise one in the snow representing a barren time alone, but has support with the staff and light to guide. He has all he needs and is also associated with the Dark Night of the Soul, where one undertakes a period of survival and intense spiritual awakening. The cloak also represents a simple and humble person who has learned, it protects and hides as the person needs to discover new boundaries and strengths.

The card is number 9 in the deck; indicating independence, strength and responsibility. As a Soul card, this can also indicate the achievement of Soul Goals or preparation for the next one.

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