rwhierophantThe card of the wise seer and sage. Magical but wise he advises and guides but never dictates. The keys indicate the keeper of knowledge and wisdom in all realms. When the card appears know that a guide will appear to assist you. They may come from an unexpected source and in ways you did not anticipate. This could be a new spirit guide or an earth guide, they have the answers as long as you ask the correct questions.

He is mysterious and will only answer questions and not proffer advice unless sought. His answers may not be straightforward, but listen carefully and you will hear the answer you seek even though it may sound vague or be in a riddle. The card anticipates you will seek counsel because you need more expert advice on a matter, but remember the choice is yours at the end. Perhaps a mentor will appear or someone will guide you in a time of doubt. Possibly you have life changing decisions to make and need impartial advice.

The Hierophant sits between two pillars of law and liberty; the advice is moral and comes from the divine moral codes. This card is also called the Pope and in the card he holds his hands up to bless those praying. The number three is evident in this card; crowns, crosses and three bars on his staff. This could be symbolic of the Holy Trinty, indicating he is a messenger from the divine powers.

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