rwhighpriestessThe High Priestess stands alone and indicates one must look within to use their intuition and listen to their Higher Self. Trust what you feel, not just what you see. Spiritually you are more aware and will be able to see through the mist and any deceit. It indicates a need to look at a situation in a much deeper state than it may initially require. It is symbolic that you are growing spiritually and that you should question anything that does not seem right. You have the power within, but must learn how to harness it and how best to use it. With it comes responsibility and to know when and how to use the knowledge.

This is a reflection card and one that is a bit of an enigma. When this card appears it shows you are ready to teach and guide others, even though you are learning yourself. Whilst we never stop learning, we can guide others and in turn, by doing so you learn more about what you know and how to apply that working knowledge. The best course of action is to observe, listen and make decisions based on the overall picture. To be a wise leader, when people ask for advice and guidance, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Wisdom, intellect, discernment and impartiality come with the appearance of the card. It represents the Higher Self and the inner core that may not have yet surfaced, some call it the shadow side, or subconscious part of us that no one else knows and that we often repress. Being able to accept and understand ones shadow side allows the channeling of knowledge and the message it is conveying. To know oneself is empowering; it is a reminder to keep your own counsel and to use your words wisely, keep information close to your chest and reveal only what is necessary. By doing so your power and intuition will grow and you will trust your intuition instinctively and see things as they really are.

The High Priestess hold a parchment with Torah in her hand, which in Hebrew means to teach or guide. Either side are two pillars a dark one B (Boaz) and a white with with J (Jachin) inscribed. They are the legendary pillars in the Temple of Solomon, representing established strength and are a portal that the High Priestess caretakes. Behind are pomegranates and vines; the fruit of rebirth and death, suggesting an awakening. The crescent moon at her feet represents change, and a reflection and acceptance of what has happened and that she has changed and has new responsibilities.  Her horned headdress is not regal, but is religious, with the cross she wears both are symbolic of her respecting what has been written what she represents, Therefore this is a moral card where the card represents a person who can be trusted to do the right thing. This card is also known as The Popess is some decks.



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