rwloversThe Lovers is more than  a card about love and a relationship; it can be the rekindling of a friendship or reunion of someone from the past. It also indicates a new way of looking at things, not just in a relationship but how you view the world. The Lovers is not limited to romantic relationships but your relationship with others. Some may need a fresh approach to a work relationship or business partnership, and may  grow and become more important in your life.

It could also mean you are open to listening to your Higher Self; you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. We only become aware of our Higher Self when we are ready to listen and we have reached a stage where we have already achieved some of our life lessons.

The card shows Adam and Eve both pure and about to embark on a journey together under the guidance of Angels. The fertility depicted in the background represents a relationship that has potential, but the serpent symbolizes temptation and choices. The tree of flames behind Adam suggests caution should be taken. Conflicts may arise, but these occur when things are clouded, while the cloud hovers above them, they can avoid it as long as they are aware of it.

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