rwmagicianA spiritual card showing you have the power for all you need to resolve your query, you need to learn how utilize the tools and the answers are there if you keep your eyes out for signs and help. You may not need to use them all, but help is around if you need it. It will be a spiritual help and you perhaps opening up to your spiritual side where you will open up to your intuitive powers that will aid you.

The symbol of infinity above the magicians head represents an eternal spiritual power that will develop on your path. The symbols and tools that the magician possesses represent the elements of the tarot deck as complete and infinite power is open to you. Magic is spiritual and it is the power of manifestation from a true heart and intent that brings forwards bountiful rewards and clears obstacles from paths. The Magician holds his wand towards heaven, invoking spiritual power, and is surrounded by flowers in full bloom, indicating that he also uses the power of nature.

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