rwmoonA moon can be clear, blurry or hidden; it is symbolic of what exists, but what people do not really see or want to acknowledge. The moon card is a time of solitude, deep thinking and soul-searching without the distractions of daily life, it appears during twilight when the day transitions into night. It depicts an emotional time to come face-to-face and to confront issues that have remained hidden from everyday life. Facing them will allow you to move forward and to focus. The moon allows us to hide emotions, thoughts and dreams, but I see the card as a realization that it is time to look up to the moon and find strength and courage. There is non of the facade of daily life; this is the true self uncovered, like the mask removed, the moon shows us our true selves whether it is good or bad.

A new moon is also indicative of a new cycle and start; an opportunity to put the past behind, forgive and learn from the past, mistakes and bad decisions, and to start again. A full moon is powerful, bringing forward situations to a climax, emotive and also forceful. Sometimes the moon shines brightly and you seen the light reflecting and at other times it is clouded. Whilst you can see things you may not see the whole picture, some things will not be revealed to you and you must look deep within.

The moon is at the end of a phase that was needed and will be emotional; the lessons learned will be deep and will help build the next phase of your life. Have courage to face what you have procrastinated on and let go of the past. Evaluate what is important to you and focus on what is best for you not what others think is good for you, or what you think would be good for you. Often these will be painful and emotional repressed memories, tired friendships, old relationships, rivalries, bad decisions, domestic disputes and the like. If they are negative they serve little purpose and you need to sever or loosen ties. Unloading excess baggage frees you and removes blocks you may have had. I see this card when people are spiritually blocked and unable to focus due to the negative ties that anchor them down.

Maybe you have been selfish, unkind, cruel or dishonest; the moon will show the true colors; you have been given the opportunity to acknowledge this and archive the emotions and put them in the past lessons pile. Perhaps you have been the victim; instead you learn to forgive and let go of the negativity associated. The moon is forgiving, but it is your choice how you want to start the new phase. Like the moon ends the day, you choose how you want to start the new day. Tired with anger and resentment or fresh with forgiveness and knowledge of how to deal with things in a better way?

Paired with The Hermit, it is time to take a new path and leave behind what has been learned, I see it as a Spiritual awakening, a time of inner peace and learning about oneself.

The card is number 18, which reduces to a number 9, a card of idealism that represents justice and balance. The moon is a reflection card and one that indicates that you are ready for the next phase, once you have acknowledged any past misgivings. Looking at the card, the moon is frowning at the wolf and dog who are barking and the scorpion that crawls out. This represents nothing can be hidden; anger, arguments, or deception cannot be hidden in the dark and must be faced or may indicate a warning for something you will have to face.

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