rwstarWherever this card is in a reading, it’s a great sign. It’s a reconfirmation that you are on the right path and the stars are lighting the way for you. That means there will be signs and symbols for your to look out for that will guide you on your path. This card inspires hope and encourages you to make plans and to keep the faith.

The card shows a woman at one with nature who fills up water from the river and pours from the other hand, creating another path, but all the paths are interconnected, indicating all paths lead to the same destination. There are eight stars in total, indicating how long the path maybe; it could be days, week, months or even years. The bird in the background is like a guide, to watch over and also to accompany you on your path. Look out for someone who maybe a Guide, or perhaps you will connect with the Higher Self. As a spiritual card it could also indicate you are opening up to your spiritual side and could follow a spiritual path.

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