rwsunOne of the best cards to have symbolizing freedom and happiness. Whatever the situation the light is sending its restorative and healing powers. It will light the way forward, a resolution will result in your favor, if you are coming through a difficult period know that you can put that phase behind you.

A full circle card indicating a new, exciting phase of hope and fulfillment. The path is light and bright and you are guided to a new phase of optimism and light.

If the card appears with other full circle cards know you are supported in the change, any difficulties will be transient.

It is a great reinforcing cards indicating struggles neutralizing the effects. (Cards like 3,5, 9 or 10 of swords, 5 of coins, 5 of cups, 5 of wands). The card with the innocent child on a white horse symbolizes a new journey, guided by the sun that watches over. The wall of sunflowers represent the sun in nature, so wherever there is nature, remember there is power. The card also indicates the changes are positive and the journey will be a fresh start.

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