rwtowerOne of the most dramatic cards, and one I often get! It indicates dramatic and sudden changes that you cannot prepare for and it will not only change your life but also your beliefs and way of thinking.

In the past position it indicates that what you went through you couldn’t have prevented, whatever it was it had been building up and had to happen to allow you to progress on your path. It’s a bit like Fate deciding enough is enough and coming in unannounced.

The present position can be daunting, hold on tight and brace yourself because you will survive. No, you can’t just stand back and see what happens. It is one of the most potent wake up calls you can have and indicates your life has to change and circumstances have forced it to happen. Maybe you had been procrastinating or other players had created obstacles? Now these obstacles are removed and you have to look at things in a different way. It maybe work, home, relationship or you holding yourself back from what your inner self has been crying out for. The part you play is learning what you can from the changes.

The Tower in the future indicates the crescendo of an event in your life. Even with the advance notice, it may happen and be over before you can do anything about it. Don’t be afraid, but view it as getting something out-of-the-way in a positive light. Change is necessary, but not always welcome and we have to face it somehow, sometime!

Anything and everything can happen, you cannot pick up the pieces, but brace yourself and when it is over, know things had to happen for a reason. There maybe arguments, separations, betrayals, firings, closures or even destruction. Depending on the other cards in a reading, the effects can be neutralized, however, The Tower once it falls, means you can start again. The men pictured, one has a crown indicating status, and another who is a peasant. Fate doesn’t choose by wealth or status, but these changes will be permanent and will alter any plans made.

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