rwworldI like this card as you can breathe a sigh of relief, one phase is over and a new fresh start can begin. It arrives when a satisfactory conclusion has been reached. New opportunities and new ideas arrive as the full circle card completes the cycle. It is a victory card; you have achieved your goal as the laurel on the woman represents.

You have learned much, it reminds you not to forget what has happened but to use this knowledge to help others. It is time to put things behind you and move forward to a new challenge or phase. You can do no more even if what has happened is not what you wanted.

It is a full circle card denoting a change in your lifestyle or location and the end something, whether it is a job, relationship, or a difficult time in your life. People may get this card when they retire, or when their children leave home. Others will find this card when they leave school or embark on a new career. The symbols in the corners are similar to The Wheel of Fortune, except they don’t have a book of knowledge, but are acknowledging an accomplishment. The wreath is shaped as the full cycle, suspended in the air to indicate a moral achievement will be recognized in the spirit realm. The batons represent balance, that what has been achieved has been worked for, (as in the Suit of Wands)

In the present it indicates that you are near completion, and that if things are difficult, they will be over. These are soul goals we all still learn and grow from. The card in the future, shows that there is hope or that you are on the right path. Even if it a joyous time, it will have to end soon. Nothing stands still or lasts forever.

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