rwwheelfortuneA full circle card, your luck is changing, but the script is still unwritten and your choices can determine the outcome. Choose wisely and good fortune will come your way, fate is on your side, you have the opportunity to steer events in the direction you desire. Consult advice and take notice of what is around you in making your decision.

The card would indicate you deserve a change of circumstances, and the outcome you desire is possible. It’s like being a free chance card so use it wisely and carefully. The Wheel can go either way, it represents the circle of life. In each corner is a cloud with an angel, lion, bull, and an eagle, reading a book of knowledge or fate. There is no escape, on top is a sphinx smiling slyly and underneath, the serpent reminds us of temptation and the red wolf reminds us deception is possible. You may have choices, but be aware to choose them for the right reasons.

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